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Remotely Piloted Vehicles, Drones, and Radio Controlled Aircraft

Please note that under CAA Regulations Remotely Piloted Vehicles, Drones and Radio Controlled Aircraft cannot be operated in the vicinity of Airfields and Airports. This is for obvious safety reasons and we would urge you not to bring your Aircraft, Drone, or Remotely Piloted Vehicle to the Air Show; this includes devices or machines that you might ordinarily consider to be toys.


Sunday 11th June 2017 - A Date for your diary

The Bob Jones Memorial Airshow is always an exciting and fun day for the whole family to enjoy and this year will be no exception.  Added to thrilling and breathtaking displays in the skies we have the Transport Festival with it's wide ranging exhibits of cherised classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, buses and industrial vehicles.   .

Other attractions on the day will include helicopter rides (during which you will see Welshpool and the Airport in a very different way), trade stands, activities for the children and stalls (some of which sell teas, coffees and food to sustain you).  A day with something for everyone.


2017 NEWS

Aerobatics4you - Extra 260

The latest addition to our exciting line up of displays this year is Steve Carver in his Extra 260.  Steve's enthusiasm for aerobatics ensures that each year he adds extra sequences that reflect the discipline of competition aerobatics: the “Aresti style” with the sorts of figures you’d see in competition. Look out for the torque roll, rolling loop and ruade and other unexpected sliding trajectories <Read more>


de Havilland Sea Vixen G-CVIX XP924 

We are all very excited to announce the worlds' last airworthy Sea Vixen has been added to the line-up of displays for 2017.  This iconic twin-boom, twin-turbo jet fighter flew from Royal Navy aircraft carriers in the 1960s and 70s.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see and hear this “Foxy Lady” sashaying through the skies above Welshpool with her innate elegance and power.  <<Read More>>

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Air Display

Aerobatics4you – Extra 260

Designed by Walter Extra in Germany in the early 1990’s, only 4 Extra 260 airframes were built and the plane flown by Steve today has the serial number 4.   Stressed to plus and minus 10g,... Read More

Sea Vixen G-CVIX XP924

The mighty Sea Vixen is one of the last cold war jets still flying. This iconic all-British twin-boom, twin-turbojet fighter flew from Royal Navy aircraft carriers at the height of the Cold War in the... Read More

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The thrilling news that the Lancaster and Spitfires will be participating this year at Welshpool is welcomed all round.  The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was formed 60 years ago this year, to maintain these historic... Read More

Aviat Husky

Bob Pooler, a very popular participant at our show, will once again be performing his aerobatic display that has everyone captivated throughout by his antics in the sky .  The Aviat Husky is built as... Read More

Team Raven

We are pleased to welcome back Team Raven Welshpool this year.  Flying a mix of Vans RV4s and RV8s, the Team will be performing their dynamic formation display. Read More

Grob Tutor

The RAF use The Tutor for flying training, including general handling, aerobatics, navigation, instrument flying and formation for all pilots. In a display filled with aerobatics there is something to watch happening all the time... Read More

Pitts Special S1-S

Lauren Richardson, one of the top aerobatic display pilots in the UK, has said she loves performing aerobatics and we love watching while she demonstrates her incredible skills.   Read More

Old Bückers

The Old Bückers team will be performing their exciting routine of close formation aerobatic manoeuvres.  The Bücker Jungmann (BU 131) and Jungmeister (BU 133), were favored both as basic and aerobatic traning aircraft until the... Read More

Whirlwind HAR 10

We are proud to announce that the only airworthy Whirlwind HAR10 left in the world will be joining the display line-up at Welshpool this year.  Although now privately owned the bright yellow colour reflects the years... Read More

Calidus Gyrocopter

While most of the displays fly past at high speeds the Gyrocopter’s capabilities to pass slower allows you to not only appreciate its maneuverability you can see the pilot.  He’ll be smiling and we’re sure... Read More