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What is the Flightradar24?

Flightradar24 is a website that allows visitors to track free flying objects via a flight radar. The data sent by the ADS-B transponder are recorded and graphically displayed by Flightradar24 in the form of a radar. Since this service is free, there are many service providers offering such a service, with Flightradar24 among the front runners. Flighradar24 shines not only with a very accurate information transfer, but also with the speed only a few service providers can keep up. Probably the strongest competitors are Radarbox24, Casperflights and Flightaware.

Flightradar24 – the free flight radar

This flight radar uses information collected about civil aviation. This is done by means of a signal that transmits its current position and other facts twice per second. These details can then be viewed for free on our website. If you want to track a plane, you can select the map on the page and then go to the desired airport. There corresponding flights starting there can be selected for observation.

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For who is Flightradar24 suitable?

Flightradar24 is a useful tool that is suitable for a large number of people. It also is especially popular with people waiting for a specific flight. These are mostly friends, family or an employee who is on his way home. With that you can always track exactly where the aircraft is currently located. That’s not all, Flightradar24 is such a very useful and interesting tool. Many people spend their time just looking at the radar, because it is interesting, which aircraft are currently in the air and where they are flying. It is sometimes exciting to just watch a plane that has started somewhere and then slowly but surely flies across the globe.

So it is a useful website that can help you monitor your loved one even when you are not with you. Fear that something happens on the flight or a long wait at the airport due to a delay belong thanks to Flightradar24 of the past. With the website you always know where your loved one is at the moment and when you can embrace her again or when you have arrived safely and happily at your destination.

What brings Flightradar24 as a flight radar?

It is a great way for aviation fans to pursue their hobby. And feel like being on the air during a flight or feeling like an air traffic controller at the airport. You get a lot of information that can not be seen at the terminal of the airport. For example, Flightradar24 displays the type of aircraft, the altitude, flight times, or orientation.

If you observe the flight of acquaintances, a flight tracker also gives you a guarantee that your loved one is well. At the same time you know if they are late. If you want to pick them up from the airport, you will start later. This way you are always up to date on the road.

flightradar24 plane cockpit

Flightradar24 – practical and informative at the same time

In addition, the flight observer can learn many interesting details about the particular flight, such as flight number, speed, altitude or even flight times. Simply click on the corresponding symbol on the map of Flightradar24. The data is conveniently displayed to the viewer at the edge of the page. As a rule, you will also receive a satellite image of the aircraft – this completes the overall experience at Flightradar24 final and conveys special realism.

The facts that the one who wants to watch a flight are different on the various Flightradar24 websites. In part, separate apps are available for the various websites that further simplify mobile use of the service. The basic information on the starting point, current route point, destination, flight altitude and flight course details can be found on each of the platforms offering flight tracking via flight radar.

This is how flight tracking works with Flightradar24

Flightradar24 collects data that is made publicly available via the transponder of the aircraft and prepares it. So they can be displayed in a clear and up to date map with remaining travel time, speed and destination. So you can understand the movements of the aircraft very well.

Only business and military aircraft are not equipped with the transmitter and therefore can not be mapped to Flightradar24. For American aviation aircraft, additional safety regulations apply. These aircraft are displayed with 5 minutes delay.

flightradar24 airplane

Additional flight tracking via MLAT

Multilateration (MLAT) is a primary mathematical means of positioning. The flight tracking takes place here via the reception of a radio signal of an aircraft by four or more separate receivers. The method is also referred to as Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). Here, the time difference between the transmission of the signal and its reception is measured at the four receivers. The comparison of the measurements at least four locations with a known position is used to calculate the position of the aircraft at the time of signal delivery by a so-called ModeS transponder. The cover with MLAT receivers is also comprehensive for Europe and North America. MLAT, however, requires an altitude between 10,000 and 30,000 meters.

North American radar data

In addition, Flightradar24 works with classic flight radar data. It covers North America, Canadian airspace and parts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, allowing for flight tracking here as well.


FLARM is in very limited form equivalent to the already described ADS-B system. As a system for avoiding collisions, it is used primarily in small aircraft. The limitation arises above all from the much shorter range, which is between 20 and 100 kilometers at FLARM.


If the position of an aircraft can not be determined by one of the aforementioned methods, or if it travels through airspace that is not covered by any of the systems, its position can be calculated semi-precisely using the last known position, the flight parameters and the known course for a limited period of time become. If the exact course is known, this method works reliably for up to two flight hours. Without known course only for a maximum of ten minutes.

These planes can be seen with Flightradar24

In total, around 70% of the aircraft in the sky are equipped with an ADS-B transmitter. The one data recording allows. That’s why at Flightradar24 all Airbus models, the Boeing 737, 747 and other Boings. Or see the Bombardier CRJ-900, the Embraer E190, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-11 and many more. The US and Europe are 100% covered. And in Canada and many South American and Asian countries, there is quite a good coverage.

Conclusion to Flightradar24

Out of interest in the world of flying or because your friends and relatives are on the plane. Flightradar24 not only displays the current position of individual aircraft on a coverage map. It also marks airports and contains all sorts of additional information. Such as speed, altitude of flight or destination. On the map aircraft can be selected and tracked. But it is possible to find a specific flight through the search.