Sea Vixen G-CVIX XP924

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The mighty Sea Vixen is one of the last cold war jets still flying.

This iconic all-British twin-boom, twin-turbojet fighter flew from Royal Navy aircraft carriers at the height of the Cold War in the 1960s and 70s and helped to transform the nation’s carrier aviation capability. She was one of the UK’s most notable aircraft designs of the time, with cutting edge technology and the capability to go transonic. The Vixen was the first British aircraft to be armed with guided missiles, rockets and bombs instead of guns and was formidably capable.

With power-folding swept wings and hinged nose-cone, she epitomised the radical and innovative thinking of British engineers and designers of the time.

The officially recognised Royal Naval charity the Fly Navy Heritage Trust, under the brand of Navy Wings needs your help to keep the Sea Vixen in the skies and on the display circuit, including joining the flypast over the new Royal Naval carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth when she docks in Portsmouth, as a focus of remembrance for those that have served and as an inspiration to future generations. <<Navy Wings>>

The FNHT and Sea Vixen Team (SVT) are delighted to have Cdr Simon Hargreaves OBE RNR as its Vixen display pilot.  Simon has served with the Royal Navy for over 30 years and is one of the most experienced military pilots in the UK.  A former Sea Harrier pilot and Squadron Commanding Officer, Simon is also a qualified ‘Test Pilot’ and worked closely with Lockheed Martin and the Ministry of Defence while undertaking the early test flying of the  Joint Strike Fighter which became the STOVL F-35B Lightning II.