We can accept visiting aircraft before any RA(T) which may be set up for flying displays. Please see NOTAMS for this.

But you MUST :

  • Gain PPR by telephone on 01938 555560 at least 48 hrs in advance.
  • Be prepared to stay until after the last flying display has cleared - 4pm-ish.
  • Not remain airside for duration - ie you must enter the showground.

We are A/G Callsign Welshpool Radio on 128.00 MHz

Runways designated 22 & 04

There is limited aircraft parking.

Landing fees £12 for singles / £24 for twins.

Landing fee waived with uptake of 50+ litres of fuel or LAC card.

Mid Wales Airport, as it is also known, lies in the beautiful Severn valley and is on the edge of some of the most stunning open flying country anywhere in the UK.

Developed from a grass strip in the 1990s, the airport is now a home for numerous business and light aircraft. It is also the base for the The Mid Wales Air Ambulance.

Here you can get lessons and gain a licence flying helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and microlights. You could also just come along and watch the comings and goings of a busy general aviation hub.

Runway 22/04 1,020 x 18m
Circuits 1,500ft LH
Callsign Welshpool Radio (A/G) 128.00Mhz
PPR 09:00-17:00
Landing fees £12.00 Singles, £24.00 Twins
Fuel 100LL, Jet A1
Contact 01938 555560
Overhead runway 22 - hangars and offices
Overhead runway 04
Final approach onto runway 22
images (c) Martin Evans