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Another exciting and fun day for everyone this year and for the first time you can relive the day through our video. Although not all of the scheduled line-up were able to reach Welshpool, due either to technical issues or heavy rain and poor visibility in the south of England, the air displays given were stunning.


Thanks to all the volunteers who turn up not only on the day but also on many preceding days to give up their time. Particularly as many of them are so busy carrying out their duties on the day they don't get to enjoy the numerous things going on.

Thanks also to the displaying pilots, the excellent and varied stall holders  and food sellers and, of course, all the sponsors - whose contributions make all the difference.  Thanks to the air cadets for their polite and smart efforts throughout the day.  Well done to the motoring enthusiasts for a wonderful display of vintage wheels.   Thanks to the medical standby personnel and thanks to the amazing general public for coming, having a great time and spending their money at "Probably the best little air show in the country".

Photos by Brian Nicholas and Geoff Hill

Relive 19th June 2016

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Enjoy the opprtunity to relive the 2016 Airshow and see a few of the things that go on behind the scenes in order to make it the best day for everyone.

Old Buckers

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To our delight the Bücker Jungmann formation display team, the 'Old Bückers' did make it to Welshpool. The symmetrical routine they performed included close formations and crossovers carried out in their restored biplanes.  Added together the skills of the pilots and the sound of the planes make them a memorable addition to any airshow.

Photos courtesy of Brian Nicholas

Aviat Husky with Bob Pooler

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We all know Bob Pooler at Welshpool.  Firstly he’s a regular at the airport and can often be seen flinging his aircraft around our sky with willing pupils learning the fine art of aerobatics.  This year he had a new mount – an Aviat Husky, in which he initially made us laugh and then went on to stun us with a demonstration of his indisputable skills.

The Husky is a plane that we in the world of aviation look upon as one of the ultimate toys.  They are built as bush-planes – which means they can land in places normally accessible only by helicopter.  They are also capable of amazing aerobatics as was seen on the day – that’s why Bob Pooler’s got one.

Bob is the UK agent for Aviat aircraft.  Have a look, then get your cheque book out 😉

Photo credit: our very own Brian G Nichols.

Aviat Husky flown by Bob Pooler

1927 Lea Francis K Type

1927 Lea Francis K Type

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Lea Francis were a Coventry based manufacturer, who began making bicycles in 1895, and producing their first motor car in 1903. The K Type was built from 1925 until 1928.

Over 300 K Types were built, but only 7 are thought to have survived to the present day. This particular example is unique in the following way. Around half a dozen K Types were fitted with this style of bodywork, 2 seater tourer with single dickie seat in the boat tail, built by Avon Coachbuilders. This car is the sole survivor of that run.
It has been restored a couple of times in its long life, the first time being in the 1950s, and the second occasion being in 1983. The story of the car being the subject of a feature article in the August 1984 edition of The Automobile magazine.

Whilst the engine has undergone a rebuild a few years ago, it is the original power unit.

Thanks to Ian Cheetham from Llanerfyl for kindly exhibiting his lovely car once again at this year’s show.

Lauren Richardson

Lauren Richardson

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Always a welcome addition to the line-up of our shows Lauren Richardson, in her Pitts Special plane, once again delivered an amazing display of aerobatic manoeuvers to the delight of everyone present.  The smiles she gives to the crowds while flying were enthusiastically returned by those watching.

















Lauren Richardson, 28 years old and one of the top aerobatic display pilots in the UK. She flys a beautiful and iconic modified Pitts Special aerobatic biplane, both as an airshow pilot and as a competitive sport aerobat.

Her passion is for flying and performing, pushing herself to provide the most exciting, precise and dynamic low level air displays possible.