Aviat Husky with Bob Pooler

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We all know Bob Pooler at Welshpool.  Firstly he’s a regular at the airport and can often be seen flinging his aircraft around our sky with willing pupils learning the fine art of aerobatics.  This year he had a new mount – an Aviat Husky, in which he initially made us laugh and then went on to stun us with a demonstration of his indisputable skills.

The Husky is a plane that we in the world of aviation look upon as one of the ultimate toys.  They are built as bush-planes – which means they can land in places normally accessible only by helicopter.  They are also capable of amazing aerobatics as was seen on the day – that’s why Bob Pooler’s got one.

Bob is the UK agent for Aviat aircraft.  Have a look, then get your cheque book out 😉

Photo credit: our very own Brian G Nichols.

Aviat Husky flown by Bob Pooler