1927 Lea Francis K Type

1927 Lea Francis K Type

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Lea Francis were a Coventry based manufacturer, who began making bicycles in 1895, and producing their first motor car in 1903. The K Type was built from 1925 until 1928.

Over 300 K Types were built, but only 7 are thought to have survived to the present day. This particular example is unique in the following way. Around half a dozen K Types were fitted with this style of bodywork, 2 seater tourer with single dickie seat in the boat tail, built by Avon Coachbuilders. This car is the sole survivor of that run.
It has been restored a couple of times in its long life, the first time being in the 1950s, and the second occasion being in 1983. The story of the car being the subject of a feature article in the August 1984 edition of The Automobile magazine.

Whilst the engine has undergone a rebuild a few years ago, it is the original power unit.

Thanks to Ian Cheetham from Llanerfyl for┬ákindly exhibiting his lovely car once again at this year’s show.